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Why do you do the things you do?

Discover What Motivates You

DirectionFinder will create a comprehensive motivational profile unique to you across 18 Surface Motives, 36 Desires, and 4 Deep Motives.

You'll discover:

  • The motives and desires most important to you
  • The motives and desires that influence your behavior and drive you
  • Exactly what you need to feel satisfied and fulfilled in your life, relationships, and career
What do you need to do to be successful?

Discover the Environments Best for You

DirectionFinder will determine the type of work environment that is best for you: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional.

"Work" is not limited to career only, but can also mean paid and unpaid jobs, volunteering, sports, hobbies, or encore careers.

The results can be used to determine a career, education, or volunteer path where you will thrive.

What is possible for you?

Discover Your Ability to Reach Goals

DirectionFinder measures your ability to take action in order to reach your goals, specifically in times of stress or uncertainty.

You'll learn how capable you are in taking productive action towards reaching your goals, and will get specific tips, tailored to you, to improve your ability.

Are you living authentically?

Discover if You Are Out of Alignment

DirectionFinder measures two types of motives, your Surface Motives and your Deep Motives. Surface Motives are explicit, meaning they live in your conscious mind close to the surface. Deep Motives are implicit, meaning they live in your subconscious mind and are mostly hidden.

Since Surface Motives are closer to the surface, they are more likely to be influenced by your environment, your relationships, or the messages you received as a child. This means it is possible to say you want or need things that you don't really want.

On the other hand, Deep Motives are pure, they are the authentic you, what you truly want and need to be motivated and fulfilled.

DirectionFinder compares your Deep Motive scores with your Surface Motive score to determine if you are out of alignment.

What does it all mean?

How to Interpret Your Results

Gain instant insight into what your DirectionFinder results actually mean through our "Meaning Alerts and Videos". These alerts are automatically tailored to your results and point out areas that are worth taking a closer look at.

DirectionFinder will automatically alert you to 11 different possible areas of meaning within your results: Conflicted Motives, Dominated Motives, Primary Desires, Dormant Desires, Restless Motive Structure, Content Motive Structure, Disconnected Motive Structure, Relentless Action Taker, Reluctant Action Taker, Conflicted Action Taker, and Academic Seeker.

What can you do with your results?

Coaching Tools

Learn how to take instant action and put your results to use in your life, career and relationships through our coaching videos.

Here are the coaching videos you'll receive:

  • Tools to Dive Deeper into Your Results
  • The Chariot Strategy for Goal Achievement
  • The Desire Parliament for Decision Making
  • The Process and States of Body-Readiness for Behavioral Change

DirectionFinder Benefits

Safe and Secure

Might uses advanced encryption to protect your data.

Regularly Updated

We provide frequent updates to our app on various platforms.

Fully Customizable

You can customize Might and its features in any way you want.

Fast and Powerful

We optimized Might to run on any device with great performance.

Perfect for Everything

Our app proved to be suitable for startups and big companies.

24/7 Support

Our team provides our clients with full support at any time.

Our Plans

Upcoming Features

We are constantly adding to and updating DirectionFinder with new features, benefits, and tools.

If you purchase the full version of DirectionFinder today, you will receive lifetime access to all future updates and enhancements at no extra charge.

January 2019.Step-by-Step Course

We will add a "Course View" to the DirectionFinder results where you can choose to be guided, step-by-step through your results via instructional videos.

March 2019.Career Path Matching

Your DirectionFinder results will link you to the best careers and career paths for you based on your motives and your thrive environments. You'll see detailed information about each career, including the title, skills needed, the salary, the future outlook, and actual job openings for that career.

April to June 2019.Career Design and Management

With DirectionFinder at the core, will be re-launched as a personal career design tool that uses the science of motivation, artificial intelligence, and ancient wisdom to help you find and create an individualized career path that is future-proof, profitable, and fulfilling.

Limited Version

  • Your Top Surface Motive and Desire, Top Deep Motive, Top Thrive Environment, and Top Goal Dynamic.
  • 8 guided interpretation videos
  • 5 coaching videos
  • Lifetime access to all future upgrades, additions, and enhancements (including the career management platform).
Our Team

The Story and the Team

The DirectionFinder self-assessment is a joint-effort between / Pathwise Publishing, LLC and Permitto Consulting GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany. Permitto Consulting has developed and validated the assessment technologies used by DirectionFinder to measure internal and external motives, career field orientation, and action-state orientation. These self-assessments are science-based and validated in the German Language with a primary focus on corporations. Pathwise Publishing has licensed these self-assessments from Permitto Consulting to make them available in the English language and for use by individuals stuck in their life, career, and relationships and wondering "What's Next?"


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